Free Cardio Tennis Session

Cardio Tennis is a new high energy tennis workout that focuses on burning calories while having fun playing tennis in a group environment. It is for people of all ages and standards as the priority is not so much about developing tennis technique, it's about doing a high energy workout in 60 mins!

During a 60 minute workout, women can burn between 300-500 calories and men can burn between 500-800 calories.

All workout sessions are to music! Did you know that people work 33% harder and their endurance improves while training to music. Working out to music in Cardio Tennis keeps you motivated and adds to the fun of the session!

If you would like to give Cardio Tennis a try before committing to an 8 week term, why not come and try a session for free! There is no tennis experience needed and you are more than welcome to bring a friend too! There is no obligation to sign up for the term at the free session.

Next free session

Thursday 9th Oct, 2014  |  6:00-7:00pm  |  Stirling Street Tusmore (Tusmore Park)

What to Bring

Your own racquet, hat and water. If you do not have your own racquet you can borrow one.

If you would like to enrol for our next free session please complete and submit the details below.

We hope to see you there!


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